Welcome To Duenord

We provide high quality fertilizers, Provide healthy food for your family!

Welcome To Duenord

we are dedicated to nourishing the world's growing needs through the production, export, and sales of high-quality agricultural fertilizers. 


We are a professional manufacturer. Has many years of sales and technical experience. We put our customers and quality in the first place.


We have cooperative customers all over the world and are highly rated by customers.


We established an excellent team, who are skilled and experienced in quality fertilizers production.


Duenord Fertilizers has one of the largest global fertilizers Plant.

We offer fertilizer partners The best raw materials for you.

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Enhancing Agriculture Matters to the Future of Development.

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We understand the pivotal role that fertilizers play in increasing crop yields and sustaining food security on a global scale. As such, we take pride in delivering solutions that empower farmers, promote environmental stewardship, and support agricultural growth.
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We have established ourselves as a leading force in the global agriculture industry. Our core product offerings include urea, compound fertilizers, and diammonium phosphate, each meticulously crafted to meet the diverse demands of modern agriculture.